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Lot Sizing and/or Demensioning - Walkthrough

  • Thursday, February 06, 2014 12:49 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With reference to the mapping feature set included in the Assessment Data Website, the “Dimension” layer is grayed out and checked because the layer is mandatory displayed and cannot be hidden by the user.  That being said, this layer is only made up of dimensions gleaned from deeds and/or plats.  It is not comprehensive, by any means, and there are not dimensions included in this area for many locations. Additionally, the layer does not purport to be a measurement by the Assessor.

    I would suggest using the Integrity GIS Website for lot sizing and/or dimensioning.  Currently, there is not a way to make the dimensions display in a different color or larger. I have submitted a request and have been told that a change will be coming in the future to address this visibility issue.  I have a workaround that you can use in the meantime.  See the example below:

    I used the “Measure Area” tool on the “Analysis” tab and left clicked at each vertex of the parcel, double-clicking on the last vertex to complete the measurement. (See below)

    The “Measure Area” tool on the “Analysis” tab.
    I then adjusted the “Base Maps –> 2013 Aerial Photography” transparency level to about 60%.  You can access the ‘Map Layers” tab by clicking the “Show Layers” button  located on the “Maps & Data Sources” tab. (See below)

    The “Show Layers” button located on the “Maps & Data Sources” tab.

    Resulting in the following that can be printed:

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